7YA Colour Wheel Project

7YA made some amazing colour wheels over the Easter break. We had all sorts from cakes to paintings on canvases. This is part of an Art project where the students are learning the fundamentals of colour theory and developing this into understanding how to develop effective colour themes.

A-Level Finance Results

Well done to our year 12 & 13 finance students for an excellent set of exam results for units 1 & 3 that were published last week with a number of students achieving A and A*s in the first half of the year. - Mr Tilley

Harry Potter Board Games

Harry Potter, a name not only known by all Wizards and Witches, but by us Muggles! Now think of board games, for example Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Frustration. Imagine if those were “Potterized”. Well, that’s what some Year 8 students, including me, were doing for part of our topic in Technology with Mrs Raynor. [...]

Bucks School Cross Country Competition

On a brisk and bright blue Wednesday, Waddesdon runners took up the challenge of competing in the Bucks Schools XC. Our team comprised runners from Year 7 through to Year 11 in both girls' and boys' events. We arrived early for registration and immediately the runners undertook a forensic examination and analysis of the course [...]

Student Investor Challenge

The Student Investor Challenge is a competition between students in schools studying finance in the UK and abroad where teams are given £100,000 of virtual money to invest in shares across two portfolios. The top 351 teams who make the biggest combined profit from each portfolio progress to the semi-finals. We came 186th out of [...]

Save the Children

The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 has been a busy time for the Save the Children team. We finished the year on a high with Christmas Jumper Day on December 1st. It was not only a lovely way to start our own festive celebrations, but it served as a reminder of the [...]

Year 10 MUNGA

On 7 December 2017, Year 10 engaged in the annual Model United Nations General Assembly day (MUNGA). Prior to this day, students were split into 25 groups with 6 students in each group. Each group was allocated a country and became delegates of that country. The groups created a two-minute speech to deliver to the [...]