Course Category: A-Level


Geography Overview Curriculum Teachers Subject Overview Key Stage 3 Students are taught modules that provide a better understanding of the world in which they live. They study a range of locations around the world and focus on major geographical issues that are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. A balance is maintained between the study [...]


Drama Overview Curriculum Teachers Subject Overview Welcome to the Drama and Theatre Studies Department at Waddesdon. The aim of Drama in the curriculum is to provide opportunities for students to develop their confidence, personality and understanding of others. Students are encouraged to become skilled communicators and lessons are heavily focused on group work. The department [...]

Computer Science & IT

Computer Science & IT Overview Curriculum Teachers Subject Overview The school is well-equipped with modern PC computer hardware and software. The whole-school network connects all buildings using fibre-optic technology. There are four dedicated computer rooms, plus another suite with PCs which is used for Technology. The main computer suites are installed with interactive whiteboards and [...]

Business, Economics & Finance

Business, Economics & Finance Overview Curriculum Teachers Subject Overview GCSE Business is available as an option in Year 9; from Year 12, qualifications are available in Business, Economics and Finance. The Business, Economics and Finance Department offers a range of very popular courses from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5 that are enjoyed by [...]

Art & Design

Art & Design Overview Curriculum Teachers Waddesdon Creatives Subject Overview Art and Design covers a wide range of artistic approaches, including painting, drawing, photography, graphics, animation, digital media, printmaking and sculpture. It is a very popular subject and a good percentage of students pursue it at university. Teaching Aims and Objectives The two main teaching [...]


English Overview Curriculum Teachers Subject Overview Waddesdon puts English at the heart of the curriculum. The school appreciates its importance both within the educational programme and in the outside world where skill with language and communication enables young people to make progress at work. English is also regarded as a subject area where important cultural [...]


Mathematics Overview Curriculum Teachers Teaching Aims and Objectives To equip students with sufficient numerical skills to cope with the demands of everyday life To support other subject areas To ensure independent thinking To develop problem solving skills To enjoy the power of mathematics. Course Information See booklets for Key Stage 3 and GCSE and GCE. [...]