Current Staff

Matthew Abbott Headteacher
Nicola Ackerlay Receptionist / Administrator
Kirsten Adams Art
Nicola Aldridge Head of Year 13 / Languages
Hazel Allen Head of Year 7 / Mathematics
Yousaf Amir Computer Science & IT
Colin Arblaster Science
Amy Armstrong Librarian
Janice Atack Science Technician
Sarah Baker Science Technician
Valerie Baker Languages
Heather Bambury Food
Sarah Barnett Science / Pupil Premium Champion
Matthew Barrett Subject Leader Geography / Research Champion
Tina Bloomfield Learning Support Assistant
Jessica Booker Business, Economics & Finance / LMT Timetable Link
Tracey Bradford Learning Support Assistant
Rachel Branton Assistant Headteacher (T&L CPD)
Alison Breith Learning Support Assistant
Bonita Bridges Careers Advisor / Citizenship and PSHE Co-ordinator
Susan Brookhouse Learning Support Assistant
David Broomhead Site Manager
Jess Burns Geography
Jenny Carr Student Monitoring Administrator
Kevin Carr Science / Timetable
Melinda Carr-Ruby Music
Sarah Caswell Student Achievement Manager English / D of E
Fiona Champness SENDCo
Suzanne Chapman Art Technician
Victoria Churchill Learning Support Assistant
Vanessa Clark Head of Year 9 / English
Bea Clarke Trainee Learning Support Assistant
Kirsty Connell Science / Assistant SENDCo
Jo Cook PE
Lorraine Cooper Finance Officer
Maura Corcoran Subject Leader Religious Studies
Rebecca Cox Learning Support Assistant
Peter Cross Caretaker
Susan Cross Learning Support Assistant
Alannah Cullen Subject Leader Psychology / Sociology
Sarah D’Souza Learning Support Assistant
Louise Dale Learning Support Assistant
John Dangana Religious Studies
Sarah Davis Student Achievement Manager Art
Lorraine Day Science Technician
Andrew Dimond Cover Supervisor
Matthew Dipple Head of Year 11 / Mathematics
Christopher Dowrick Mathematics / EVC Co-Ordinator
Helen Drought Subject Leader History
Hannah Duggan Physical Education
Tripta Eady Cover Supervisor
Sharon Evans Art
Anna Ewart Subject Leader Science
Tim Ewart Senior Science Technician
Helen Fitzgerald Subject Leader Languages
Rowan Foy Trainee Learning Support Assistant
Zak Griffith Trainee Learning Support Assistant
Lauren Haggerty English / Subject Leader Media Studies
Michaela Hammond Finance Officer / Cover Manager
Sarah Hassard Mathematics
Caroline Hicks First Aid Officer / Student Monitoring Administrator
Christine Hiscock Catering Assistant
Elizabeth Hobbs Learning Support Assistant
Ellen Hoe History
Neringa Horwood Cover Supervisor
Claire Howitt Learning Support Assistant
Elizabeth Hoyle Student Achievement Manager Science
Michelle Hughes Subject Leader Mathematics
Mohammad Israr Religious Studies
Peter Iveson Subject Leader Technology
Helen Jauregui Student Achievement Manager English
Samuel Jones Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour)
Ben Judson Subject Leader Performing Arts
Signe Kallmeier Science
Richard Kanochowski Technology Technician
Christopher Kellett ICT Technician
Scott Kennedy Subject Leader Physical Education
Anthony Lamb Restaurant Manager
Jill Lamb Learning Support Assistant
Johnny Lee Subject Leader English
Laura Lenander Subject Leader Art
Nicola Logan Enrichment & Transition Officer / Website Editor
Janek Maciejewski Head of Year 8 / Physical Education
Ian Macleod Caretaker
Avnish Majethia Subject Leader Computer Science & IT
Nicola Makepeace Learning Support Assistant
Gavin Marshall Caretaker
Elletia McCann Student Welfare and SEN Administrator
Annalies McIver Assistant Headteacher / Head of Sixth Form / History
Tamsin McKenzie Head of Year 12 / Psychology / EPQ
Katherine McSweeney Student Monitoring Administrator
Aouatif Mernissi Catering Assistant
Angela Morgan Headteacher’s PA
Fiona Morris English
Julie Nicholas Business Manager
Thabo Nkoane Student Achievement Manager Maths
Lauren Osborne Performing Arts
Nicola Page Learning Support Assistant
Alistair Peck Reprographics
Olivia Pettengell Learning Support Assistant
Michael Pocklington Modern Foreign Languages
Ann Poole Cover Supervisor
Duncan Purchase ICT Systems Manager
Jacob Putman Learning Support Assistant
Chelsey Quartermain Science
Safiya Raqib  Business, Economics & Finance
Hannah Rayner English
Rebecca Raynor Art / Subject Leader Textiles
Nicola Ready Office Manager
Jenny Richards Learning Support Assistant
Sarah Richardson Food Technology Technician
Alice Ridgway Science
Jeremy Sampson Science
Rory Scrivener ICT Technician
Karen Sexton Examination Officer
Connie Smith Student Achievement Manager Physical Education
Sam Smith Assistant Chef
Tracey Smith Maths
Lorraine Snell Learning Support Assistant
Chloe Soricelli Learning Support Assistant
James Sturla Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)
Heather Thomas Examinations Officer / Data Manager
Paul Tilley Subject Leader Business, Economics & Finance
Kate Turner Head of Year 10 / Student Achievement Manager Performing Arts
Sara Turner Counsellor
Rebecca Vignoles HLTA Literacy / Literacy Co-ordinator
Raquel Villegas Learning Support Assistant
Sheila Watts Subject Leader Food & Nutrition
Daniel West Student Achievement manager Science / Data Manager
Helen Weston Catering Assistant
Ruth Whittaker Physical Education / COPE
Kelly Worland Cover Supervisor
Jake Wrigglesworth Property Maintenance Apprentice