The Making Of: “Into The Shadows” (Music Video)

February brought a first to Waddesdon School and the Performing Arts department, our very own music video was filmed for one of our students’ original song, “Into The Shadows”. Head of Performing Arts, Mr Judson, decided to interview the band on their experience of creating the music video. Watch the interview and read the transcript below:

Video Transcript:

Mr Judson: OK guys, thanks for joining us to talk about recording your music video for “Into the Shadows”. I just want to talk about first about how the song came about, how did it even start?

Skye: Well, I wrote the lyrics for the chorus on a bus, when I was on my way home, it was just a long day really and then…

Mr Judson: Lots of good songs come that way.

Skye: Then I got home and then I wrote the chords for the chorus, then I wrote the chord progressions for the verse and the pre-chorus and the bridge, and I wrote the lyrics to go with them, and I stayed up until 2am, making the song.

Mr Judson: Nice, nice. And did the melody come at the same time as the lyric, or how did that melody come about because that’s a really catchy melody?

Skye: I think I had the melody when I was writing the chorus and then I fit the melody with the chords that I just wrote.

Mr Judson: So the song’s melodically driven and the chords kind of came off the back of that?

Skye: Yeah, yeah.

Mr Judson: Because when we first heard it, it was already like a complete song, so how did you react to it when you first heard it?

Heidi: Well, because you did it for one of your performances in one of your units and I was just like “Oh wow, this girl can actually write songs!” It was pretty good, so yeah.

Mr Judson: Yeah nice. And then I asked you to put a chord sheet to together for it so we could have a go at playing it as a class and then how did you develop your drum kit part out of that?

Will: Well I thought I’d do something quite simple because if it was too complicated it would kind of ruin it a bit, so kind of simple.

Mr Judson: Why did you think it would ruin it? What was the most important part of the song for you, that you didn’t want to take over?

Will: A mood made by the song I guess?

Mr Judson: Yeah, too right. And what about you guys, in terms of your parts, how did that come together?

Jacques: I listened to Skye perform it on the piano, and then I thought about what I can do on my instrument to boost it, but not take away from what the lyrics are, not take away from what the mood of the song is.

Mr Judson: Sure. And how did you guys find the process of creating the music video, because we filmed it and recorded it live at the same time. Was it easy? Was it stressful? Was it-

Heidi: It was not easy!

Mr Judson: What was tricky about it?

Heidi: I think maybe just to keep having to do it over and over again.

Skye: Because we could hear ourselves to a certain extent, but I know for us vocalists we couldn’t really hear ourselves singing so we were just trying to hope it sounded good…

Mr Judson: Because you guys weren’t using headphones.

Heidi: No we weren’t.

Mr Judson: But the rhythm section were so we obviously were fine. What were you using headphones for?

Will: For timing. It was a metronome because I kept messing up the timing, so I wanted to get it right.

Mr Judson: Getting that timing together is really tough, isn’t it?

Will: I did find it very hard, yeah.

Mr Judson: And it took a long time to get the mix in our headphones so we could actually hear the girls singing well and hearing all the different parts there. But you guys did an awesome job. Absolutely awesome job and I think it’s come out incredibly well, and everybody that’s seen it thinks it’s amazing, so I hope you’re proud of it. It’s a fantastic song and the video looks amazing so congratulations to you, and looking forward to doing some more. Well done, thank you very much for your time.

Band: Thank you.