Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council is elected each year and is made up of students from across the school. Each year group elects two or three members who attend regular monthly meetings with the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, Citizenship Coordinator and the Chair of the Governors, and also assist with staff interviews.

The Student Council acts as the voice of students within the school. There are also a number of sub-groups within the council which hold responsibility for certain areas.

Download a copy of the School Council Constitution .

Student Council Officers
Chair: TBA
Vice Chair: TBA
Clerk: TBA
Treasurer: TBA

Year 12:
Fiona Goss
Megan Sellwood

Year 10:
Molly Brown
Eve Clayton
James Simpson

Year 9:
Mollie Almond
Louis Cumberbatch

Year 8:
Nafseen Choudhury
Matthew Clayton
Fin Machray

Year 7:
Mia Carless
Jessica Franklin
Leah Paterson
Charlie Snelson